Dairy Manager

We are recruiting for one of our clients, a farm in Isinya.

Purpose Statement of the Position
The jobholder will manage the profitability of the Dairy business & bring year on year incremental revenue from milk collection. Ensure effective & efficient dairy management controls are developed & adhered to & responsible for the budget, revenue, customer service, staff morale & overall productivity.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in milking, breeding, and caring for cows, goats and sheep and performs lay-veterinary duties on dairy farm: Assigns workers to tasks, such as feeding and milking cows, cleaning cattle, barns, and equipment, and assisting with breeding and health care.
• Inspects cowsheds and milking store for cleanliness and maintenance and informs workers of actions required to ensure compliance with established standards.
• Studies feed production records to determine feed formula required to produce maximum milk yield and notifies workers of diet changes.
• Studies genetic and health records to develop schedules for activities, such as breeding, dehorning, and sale of calves.
• Oversee the cattle breeding program, cattle handling, calving, branding, pasture rotation, and weaning.
• Schedules breeding, vaccinating, and dehorning of cows and calves.
• Observes cows during artificially inseminates to produce desired offspring.
• Examines cows, goats and sheep for evidence of illness, injuries, and calving, treats illnesses and injuries, delivers calves, and engages veterinarian to care for serious injuries and illnesses.
• Planning and allocating of staff duties i.e. allocate task and set production target to ensure timely and accurate completion of timely targets.
• Meet quality targets through adherence of established operational methods & work place standards
• Ensure effective and efficient utilization of animal food to avoid wastage
• Ensure health & safety regulations are adhered to.
• Maintain production equipment & ensure they are in good working condition
• Organize daily meetings lead the team to accomplish daily plans.

Minimum Requirement
• A Bachelor’s degree in Animal Health, Animal Production, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics or its equivalent.
• Minimum of 5 years’ work experience in a Diary farm from a reputable animal farm is highly desirable.
• Proven track record of managing and improving the productivity of the livestock.
• Must be a qualified & certified Animal Veterinarian.
• Should be well versed & conversant with feedlot preparation for beef cattle, zero grazing & free paddocking/open grazing.
• Should be well versed & conversant with rearing of cattle, goat & sheep.
• Should have rich & precise knowledge on dairy & beef feed, supplements, vaccination, disease & pest control in dairy farming.
• Knowledge in Artificial Insemination & pasture development will be added advantage.
• Should be ready to work and reside on the farm, at Isinya.

Competencies & Skills
• Practical knowledge of basic farm accounting, budgeting & procurement procedures.
• Practical knowledge of operating, maintaining & keeping records of farm equipment & machinery.
• Practical experience
• Result oriented & a team player.
• Organised, rigorous & precise.
• Recognises & resolves problems quickly & efficiently.
• Ability to effectively communicate & deal with clients & team members.
• Must have good reporting skills.



This vacancy is a full time position.

Educational Level
Bachelor / Graduate
Attractive Package